Advanced Technology

J.B. Steel uses state of the art technology to produce the highest quality products at the lowest possible price.

J.B. Steel’s PythonX is the newest generation of structural steel fabrication machinery. The PythonX is a fully CNC robotic plasma cutting system that makes traditional structural steel fabricating equipment obsolete by replacing the multiple pieces of equipment, while dramatically improving productivity and quality.

PythonX, a fully CNC robotic plasma cutting system.

The PythonX reads shop drawing files generated by programs like Tekla, SDS/2, and StruCad. No operator programming is needed and mistakes are eliminated. In one pass, the PythonX performs all cut offs, copes, marking, hole/slot drilling, notching, flange flush cuts, weld prep bevel cuts, and miter cuts needed for beam, channel, angle, or tube steel. The PythonX fabricates parts 5 – 10 times faster than a manual operation with pinpoint accuracy.

J.B. Steel’s plasma table, with the high-definition Hypertherm plasma torch with True Hole cutting technology, is capable of handling plates up to 20’ x 8′ and edge piercing steel up to 3.2” thick. This equipment provides J.B. Steel the capability of processing all types of sheet steel accurately and economically.

J.B. Steel’s bar coding technology provides traceability for materials from receipt through shipment to the job site. All structural materials are traceable back to the mill and the originating lot. The system captures every operation and quality control step, so the status of any item can be determined instantly with the click of a mouse.